Let’s Look at Handbags!

Summers come with colorful clothes and obviously the need for matching handbags. This can complicate matters, because these days’ bags are among the most expensive accessories to be found, not to mention among the most necessary part of women attire too. However, with a little extra effort, there are always lucky times to find the good stuff and at an affordable rate. But you need to have a clear image in your mind of what exactly you need. So here is a guide for you to know what you should have for your collection so you know you got a good deal when you see one.

Pink or Lilac Small Shoulder Bag

This one is a must for lighter colors of clothes on a sunny day. It is better to have a shoulder bag when you have to go out on a summer afternoon. A heavy bag or a clutch will only make you feel heavier or make your palms sweaty. So a light pink and light weight shoulder bag would be a perfect choice for a summery afternoon.

Yellow Bag with Golden Chain Stripe

This one would be the choice for a morning but indoor event. Although this would be a perfect choice for an evening out too, the sunny color would look best in the shine of the day. Pair it with a white Kurta and you’ll be the sunshine in any gathering. Although a note of caution, keep it low in the golden jewelry. The idea is to add a touch of yellow to your outfit, not overdoing it.

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Suede or Leather for the Formal Times

These ones go without saying. A white leather bag or a black suede bag would be the perfect touch for the formal dresses of summer events. You can get these in clutches, handbags or shoulder bags. But keeping the summer spirit of heat in mind, and the risk of getting hot temperature and ruining the bag with wet hands, a shoulder bag would always be a better choice for summers.

So next time you find this stuff at a reasonable price, don’t forget to scoop it up.


Art of Hanging Your Dress Pant

So assume a situation for us, you came back from office all tired up, you change your clothes, hang your dress pants in your wardrobe while carefully maintaining its crease. You woke up next day open your wardrobe and to your disappointment, your dress pant lying lumpy at the bottom. Do not worry you are not the only one.

There are two ways to cure this situation, one being buying special hangers, which are available in the market especially for this purpose, but you do not need to waste your heard earned money on those. The other method is listening to our advice; yeah we can easily teach you how to use your existing hangers to your advantage.

Following are the four simple steps in which you can hang your dress pant like a pro:

  1. First of all grab your dress pant both the legs by the hem in each of your hand. Key here is to maintain the crease of your pant. Now overlap your hanger with the pant legs.
  2. Now fold the leg through the hanger, while letting the bottom hem hang approximately hang one inch above the crotch. Use your other hand for pinching the fold together.
  3. After doing this use your other hand for folding the other leg of the pant over the first and through the hanger in the opposite direction.
  4. Last step is, straight your dress pant out while making sure that both the creases of the pants are intact.

Ta-da now you are good to go. In this way, your pants will not be able to fall of the hanger anymore. This will save you from that tremendous amount of sadness that you have to face every time when you open your wardrobe.

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How To Expand Your Wardrobe Inexpensively?


It is very easy to look amazing and sharp if you have deep pockets and unlimited resources. But situation is bit different for a regular guy who is on a budget. However, don’t worry we have got you covered. Today we are going to explain ten simple ways that you can use to build your wardrobe and look sharp and fashionable on a daily basis.


  1. First option you have is of thrift stores. These stores can act as a gold mine if you know what to look for and how to look for.
  2. Second option is, knowing the art of re-crafting and restoration. Sometimes you can get a good stuff but a bit in torn down situation but if you know the above-mentioned art, then congratulations, you are able to find expensive products at great bargain.
  3. Third thing is to maintain and take care of the stuff you already own, this is a simple option but it will go a long way. This is a very practical way to stretch your dollars.
  4. Fourth option is finding a good tailor. Everything looks good and expensive if it fits you and for that, you need a tailor. In this way, you can have a hand-me-down stuff and fit it to your size.
  5. Learn the art of doing small repairs (like sewing your own button) yourself. This will save you a lot of money and make your wardrobe efficient.
  6. Learning to make your own alterations is also puts you on advantage. Minor clothing alterations will save you a lot of money and makes your outfit looks good.
  7. Sometimes dad gets bored of his shirts and sometimes the elder sister move away for higher education. That is a chance for free shopping. Just make sure to ask for permission and keep it light hearted. Anything that fits you there is yours. Other than that, you would also be able to find clothing items that your parents or siblings no longer use.
  8. Another thing you can do is to wait for the sales. When the sale season starts, you would be able to find amazing new clothes at unbelievable low prices.
  9. Most of the brands you like usually have some loyalty programs or special offers for their customers. Look out for those offers or sign up for their loyalty programs. This will save you a lot of money.
  10. Last option is educating yourself on different options that are available to you but you are not aware of it. So know those opportunities and then act upon that.


Dress The Right Way For Modern Dressing

Organize Your Stuff In Suit Pockets The Right Way!


Some people are naturally skilled in carrying formal attire while some have to put in effort. Suits are the most elegant piece of dressing for men, and yet it can be a complete mess if not done right. Pairing shirts and accessories with a suit is an art in itself. There are also some very specific rules about putting different things in different pockets of your suit. In this way not only your suit looks good but also you will be able to put your stuff in an efficient and orderly manner. There shouldn’t be any bulge or protrusion in the pockets of the trousers or jackets, the collar must be upright and the shirt buttons should not be strained. Today we will look at the pockets and tell you seven rules of organizing your stuff the right way to keep your look on point and things handy as well. Let’s take a look.


  1. For your wallet the choice to be paired with a suit would be slim wallet and it should be going in your inside breast pocket of your jacket.
  2. If you aren’t comfortable with a slim wallet, and must have a thick leather toy, use the left pocket of your trousers.
  3. Sometimes one needs to carry a pen especially if it’s a professional gathering. While pens can themselves be a posh accessory, showing them off is not cool and absolutely not classy. So remember to put your pricey Mont Blanc pensin the inside pen pocket or along with your wallet in the regular inside pocket.
  4. Mobile phones are the next big object to be fitted into a suit pockets. It should be placed in your right breast pocket, the inside one would be the better choice. You can keep it handy if you are expecting multiple calls but putting it away in your pocket not only keeps your hands free for shaking hands and holding drinks but it also more comfortable.
  5. This one is a bit obvious, the outside breast pocket on the right you have is for the pocket square. We recommend a pocket square is necessary, it adds substantial amount of weight age to your looks.
  6. If you are a handkerchief man, then this item has its place in the right side of the trouser pocket. However a pack of pocket tissues would be a better choice because a stained handkerchief would not be a good addition back to your pocket – any pocket.
  7. Last thing is your keys for which it would be better to use a single ring. Multiple key chains create unnecessary load and would most likely pull the pocket outwards. These should also be put into the right trouser pocket with your handkerchief.

Many congratulations on mastering the art of putting stuff in your suit. You are a pro now!

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